Zotye will produce electric cars in Belarus

The Chinese Zotye Auto intends to launch two electric vehicles in the Republic of Belarus – the Zotye E200EV сity сar and the Z500EV sedan. Starting from May this year, they will be assembled at the Unison plant near Minsk, the Belarusian site of the brand zotye.by reports.

The first model will have an asynchronous 83-hp electric motor and a battery pack for 24.5 kWh. The driving range is 220 km.

The second model will be a class higher. It will be equipped with a motor of 129 hp and batteries allowing you to travel up to 250 km without recharging.

The Chinese are positioning this car as premium, it will have leather upholstery and a large vertically oriented infotainment system display.

The cost of the models is estimated to be $17,000 for the Zotye E200EV and $22,000 for the Z500EV.

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