Young people in Europe choose Ford SUVs

Кросовери Ford
The millennials has a revolutionary approach to spending money. They are motivated by a strong civic consciousness and propensity to rent, sell, distribute goods and services; and it forces companies, including automakers, to change the rules of business.

4 of 5 millennials believe that over the past five years Ford crossovers became environmentally safe and consume less fuel. Having lost the reputation of fuel gluttons, these cars are now the objects of purchase in the market of new vehicles for each one of four representatives of the Millennium generation.

2017 Ford Kuga

2017 Ford Kuga

Within 2016 the sales of crossovers Ford – a compact EcoSport, a medium-sized SUV Kuga and a full-sized Edge in Europe increased by 31% compared to 2015 year.

Last year became the best in terms of sales of Kuga and EcoSport. Registered crossovers in Europe in 2016 amounted to 21%, or more than a quarter of all newly registered vehicles.

By the way, Ford plans to present a completely new fully electric model of crossover with a cruising range of at least 480 km – enough to overcome distance, for example, from London to Paris.

Last year the company presented three new European SUV; among five new models planned for 2020 is a new model that has no harmful emissions.

Source – “Winner Imports Ukraine Ltd. “, the official importer of Ford in Ukraine.