Who Pushed Back The Nissan Leaf On The European EV Market?

2018 Nissan Leaf
In 2017 the Nissan Leaf EV in Europe was purchased by 17 460 people. The model took a firm second place in the green segment of the continental car market. However, on the basis of sales from the beginning of 2018 the Leaf dropped to the fourth place, and could be lower. Which cars have begun to take customers away in Europe from the most popular electric car in the world?

The Nissan Leaf was overtaken by the German Volkswagen e-Golf and BMW i3. Since the beginning of the year, 3,474 units of the first and  2,532 units of the second have been sold, according to EAFO. Moreover, if to add the sales of two- and four-door electric Smarts, the Japanese model will be even at the fifth place.

The Smart Fortwo ED and Smart Forfour ED only in 2017 went on sale, but now we can tell the launch was very successful. This year the two-door electric car has already been bought by 1,967 customers (the 5th place), the four-door – 660 (the 9th place).

Well, a leader is the Renault ZOE. The French electric hatchback since the beginning of the year have been purchased by 4,314 men.

However, it’s not all. The hopeful Leaf of the new generation has just started to enter European markets.

By the way, the base price for the new Nissan Leaf, for example, in Germany is 32,000 euros.

As soon as we talk about the cost of EVs in Europe, we will call the prices of the Leaf’s closest rivals. The Renault ZOE (in Germany) will cost from €22,100, the Volkswagen e-Golf – from €35,900, the Smart Fortwo ED – from €21,940, the Smart Forfour ED – from €22,600 and the BMW i3 – from €37,550.