What To Choose: The Top-Level Kia Sportage Or The Entry-Level BMW X1?

2016 BMW X1
The fact that the lower levels of the premium class take away the customers from the mass segment, is not new. Indeed, the question of whether to choose a top-level model of a people’s brand or an entry-level representative of the automotive elite, is not so simple. Here is the example of the BMW X1 and KIA Sportage.

Both SUVs are very close in overall dimensions: the X1 – 4439х1821х1665 mm, the Sportage – 4480х1855х1655 mm. The wheelbase of both is 2670 mm, they have front-wheel drive in the standard.

As for practicality, their cabins are comparable in terms of space. In the Sportage passengers are never cramped, and the X1 after a generation change has received a new front-drive platform and, as a consequence, a transversely-located engine. As a result, the overall length is reduced by 90 mm, but space in the cabin is added.

The KIA Sportage of the GT Line top trim level including a full drive system, a six-speed automatic transmission and a 185-hp 2.0-liter diesel motor costs €39,490 in the largest EU market – Germany.

The minimal cost of the BMW X1, and this is the version of sDrive18i with a petrol three-cylinder 136-hp engine and front-wheel drive, is €32,350 in Germany. A multimedia system is available in the base.

If we talk about versions that are comparable in price to our top KIA Sportage, then this is a diesel BMW X1 xDrive18d (150 hp, sport-automatic Steptronic gearbox) of €39,160, and this is not entry level, we note.

The indices show that both crossovers are with all-wheel drive. it would not be entirely correct from a technical point of view to compare xDrive with other AWD systems.

You can talk about the various costs of ownership, spare parts and repair for premium cars and mass segment models. However, we can’t help reminding that when the Germans brought the second X1 to market, they were very specifically targeted not only to the  BMW fans, but also to a wider range of buyers.

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