What Is Already Known About The New Lexus ES?

Lexus - Emblem
The new-generation Lexus ES sedan, which is officially unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, will feature a more stylized body with a more prominent polarization grille.

Smooth sides of the car of the current generation are replaced by more contour shapes. This is clearly visible on the first official photo of the new sedan, published the other day.

The next ES will share the platform with the next-generation Toyota Avalon, which will go on sale in May.

In the case of the Avalon, developers say that the Toyota New Global Architecture platform allowed engineers to press suspension components. This, in turn, made it possible to create a lower center of gravity with all the ensuing benefits. Obviously, the same can be said about the new Lexus ES.

New Lexus ES

The front-wheel driven Toyota Avalon is equipped with a new six-cylinder engine and a new automatic transmission with eight speeds. The same transmission is installed on the 8th-generation Toyota Camry.

On the Lexus ES a hybrid drivertrain is expected, but there is no information on its composition yet.

The Avalon and ES will be produced on different assembly lines – at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The automaker claims the new ES is “transformed for the world” with “attractive design” and “athletic performance.” While these are common phrases, but characteristic for the eve of the debut.

The ES of the new generation will be presented on April 25.



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