Volvo Will Present In Beijing A S90-Based Concept With Relaxation Pack

At the 2018 Auto Show in Beijing, which opens on Wednesday, April 25, Volvo will introduce its new concept to the general public based on the S90 sedan – the Volvo S90 Ambience Concept. The luxury three-seat show car in the Excellence version is equipped in such a way that both the driver and passengers can enjoy travelling and relax.

The new car’s highlight is a choice of several visual themes through an intuitive mobile application, which with the help of the projector are displayed on the ceiling of the car. Among them there are such ones as Scandinavian Forest, Northern Lights, Rain, Archipelago and Swan Lake. There is also a Nocturne mode for a rest and a Freedom mode – a rush of energy and freshness.

Each theme is complemented by an appropriate sound series from the high-end Bowers and Wilkins audio system. The sound effect is enhanced by the small tweeters built into the headrests.

Each theme is harmoniously combined with one of the four available fragrances emanating from a special bay in the center console. They were created by Byredo, the Swedish elite marque, specializing in fragrant candles, perfumes, and leather products.

While the S90 Ambience is just a concept, but Volvo says it plans to offer such a relaxation pack on the road-going sedan aimed for the Chinese market.

Volvo S90 Ambience Concept

China is an important market for Volvo and the S90. Last year, the company for the first time managed to sell more than 100,000 cars in the country.

Source: Motor1