Volvo Cars Has Shown Its New Family Wagon

Swedish automaker Volvo Cars has introduced a new model: the five-door mid-size premium-class V60 wagon, which combines practicality and style.

The premiere of the V60 is taking place non-trivially – in the courtyard of the usual residential Stockholm house, in order to emphasize the historical heritage of Volvo as a manufacturer of multifunctional family cars.

The new V60 is built on a SPA platform, like the XC60 of the second generation and the four top models of the 90-Series, providing profit to the company due to their popularity.

The interior of the novelty is luxurious, spacious, innovative – thanks to new communication technologies, driver assistance, safety. The exterior is the mixture of elegance and practical versatility.

As you know, next year all new Volvo models will be electrified. Therefore, the V60 is also offered with two hybrid (petrol-electric) powertrains: a new 340-hp T6 Twin Engine AWD and a 390-hp T8 Twin Engine AWD.

Traditional petrol T5 and T6, as well as diesel D3 and D4 are available in the range too. At the initial trim level the V60 is equipped with various safety technologies, advanced driver assistance systems familiar on the XC60 and the 90-Series.

The City Safety integrated system is the only one on the market that recognizes pedestrians, cyclists and large animals on the road and automatically brakes, mitigating the consequences of frontal collisions.

Thanks to the modernized Pilot Assist system, the car passes better through turns. The V60 also has Run-off Road Mitigation, Oncoming Lane Mitigation and other driver assistants.

As an option Cross Traffic Alert with the function of automatic braking is available.

The Sensus infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and supports 4G. Using an intuitive interface, you can control various V60 functions, navigation, communication services and entertainment applications.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine Ltd

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