Volkswagen decided to “warm up” its new T-Roc SUV

A prototype of the high-performance top version of the compact Volkswagen T-Roc SUV again, ahead of its official unveiling, caught the eye of photo spies during the tests on the roads of Germany.

At first glance, the test mule is not much different from the base T-Roc, except that the ground clearance is lower and the alloy wheels are larger.

Four exhaust tailpipes – the signature of the Golf R –  poke out from beneath the rear bumper. It is expected the production model will receive a more aggressive but still subtle body kit.

VW says the GTI sub-brand will be preserved only for hot hatchbacks, and the R-series will have a greater potential. The high-performance SUVs are demanded by customers, the success of some premium cars proves it.

The R sub-brand is hopeful, they think in VW, and are confident the Volkswagen T-Roc R has a good chance of success. It got the same platform and powertrain as the Cupra Ateca – the first representative of the new hot Cupra brand, separated from SEAT.

The T-Roc R is likely to receive the same two-liter petrol turbo engine the Cupra Ateca and Volkswagen Golf R are fitted, mated with the all-wheel drive and with similar setups. On the Golf R it develops 310 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Source: Auto Express