The Viziv Tourer Concept Shows The future Design Of Subaru Cars

A highlight of the Subaru stand at the Geneva Motor Show has become the Viziv Tourer concept. This prototype is not just an original look. It demonstrates the automaker’s view of the future of Subaru cars.

Actually, the Vizil name is a composite of the phrase ‘Vision for Innovation’.

The concept shows, first of all, the future design of models of the Japanese brand. Of course, Subaru is not going to give up either the symmetrical all-wheel drive or the opposing engines, but the Japanese do not plan to abandon the new directions in the automotive industry. In particular, an autopilot is installed on the Viziv Tourer.

As Subaru shows, the utility of a station wagon (namely in this body the Geneva’s prototype is made) will not interfere with a drive and vice versa.

In addition to the quasi-autonomous control system, engineers equipped the Viziv Tourer with other innovative technologies, such as a radar collision avoidance system and ultra-precise GPS.

The Viziv Tourer Concept will not have a production development. It, again, just demonstrates Subaru’s view of the future. However, some developments may well be used, for example, on a new generation of the Levorg wagon, whose debut is coming.

Source: Motor 1

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