Used Batteries From The Nissan Leaf Will Serve In Street Lamps

2018 Nissan Leaf
Nissan has come up with a solution of how to apply the old batteries from the Nissan Leaf electric car: instead of recycling they will be used in street lamps according to the Reborn Light project.

This project is being implemented by the Japanese automaker jointly with its subsidiary 4R Energy Corporation, providing a program of Namye village recovery. It was destroyed by the earthquake in Japan in 2011.

Nissan engineers have created a special type of street lighting – without connecting to the main electricity grid. With the help of solar panels lanterns simply accumulate energy during the daytime, and spent batteries of electric cars serve as a storage for this energy.

On March 26 this year, at the 4R Energy factory in Namye a prototype of the innovative street lamp will be tested. Since the beginning of April, the new street lighting system will be introduced full-scale.

The first commercial solution in the field of household energy storage systems has been introduced by Nissan in early 2018. The Nissan Energy Solar platform consists of solar panels, a xStorage Home module and a control system that monitors the accumulation and consumption of energy.

Photo: 2018 Nissan Leaf


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