The Upgraded Nissan Juke 2018 First Received A Premium Audio System

At the auto show in Geneva, the popular Nissan Juke SUV after its latest restyling is being shown. The automaker notes that for the first time the Bose premium audio system is used on the B-class car.

UltraNearfield technology is here: the speakers are integrated in the headrest of the driver’s seat. The model has not changed technically, minor changes have been made to the exterior: 16″ and 18″ wheels of new design appeared, as well as a new color scheme for the body.

The Nissan’s V-shaped radiator grille, instead of the ‘classic’, is trimmed with dark chrome, dark accents are visible in the headlights.

The Geneva Motor Show is a landmark for the Japanese Juke. Here it was first introduced in its production version 8 years ago, and since then its first generation continues to be produced. Customers are fond of the Juke’s extravagant appearance, and it does not lose popularity.

The SUV is available with a 1.6-liter petrol engine with an output from 94 to 190 hp (in aspirated and turbo-charged variants), a manual transmission or CVT, with all- or front-wheel drive.

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