Unmanned Ford Cars Deliver Pizza And Parcels To Miami Residents

Ford launches the first commercial project involving unmanned vehicles – they are used in Miami (Florida, USA) to transport pizza and mail to customers. Here the first terminal for maintenance, cleaning and repair of such cars will be opened too, which combines the functions of the controller’s office and the service station.

In the future, local dealers will be involved in the repair and maintenance of autonomous vehicles. Ford’s partners in the project are Domino’s Pizza and Postmates. Through the services of these companies city residents can already order the delivery of pizza, goods, parcels by unmanned vehicles.

At the same time tests of autonomous cars with artificial intelligence developed by Argo AI are being continued in Miami, their number on the city streets will gradually increase.

Miami is the fifth in the list of cities in the world with the biggest traffic jams on the roads and the tenth among the cities with the busiest roads. The authorities here have been actively trying to solve transport problems and improve the quality of life of the residents by means of advanced technologies, offering different modes of transportation – from online taxis to electric trains, buses and bicycle sharing.

The experience gained during the project will be used to create an autonomous car of a unique design that Ford plans to launch in 2021.

In the course of the experiment, the advantages of  driverless delivery will be determined. Among the obvious advantages of such a service is the observance of the rules of stopping and parking by the autonomous vehicles and saving customers money, as tips will go to the past.

Source: “Winner Import Ukraine” LLC

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