Toyota Will Not Implement The Android Auto System On Its Cars

Being a conservative company with its traditions, Japanese Toyota opposes installing the Android system on its vehicles for reasons of personal data protection and safety.

The automaker did not hurry to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, unlike others, and only at the beginning of this year has announced that a new Avalon will receive the Apple CarPlay support.

These systems allow you to connect mobile phones with Android and iOS and integrate them into the vehicle’s standard multimedia system. This simplifies the car’s operation.

Back in 2015, information appeared that Android Auto with every connection to the smartphone collected data on vehicle speed, throttle position, engine speed, coolant and oil temperature. This fact cast doubt on the clients’ right to non-disclosure of confidential information about them.

Later, the data were partially refuted by Google, but Toyota still doubts the advisability of using such services in its models. The company wants to guarantee customers anonymity without violating their rights.

It is known that Apple CarPlay captures data only about the location of the car, as well as whether it is traveling or standing.


Photo: the 2019 Toyota Avalon

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