Toyota Increases The Production Of Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Toyota is increasing production capacity for hydrogen-powered cars (FCEVs) after it announced that in 2020 sales of such cars, as expected, would rise tenfold, the British Motor1 informs.

Global sales of fuel cell vehicles currently make up only about 3,000 per year.

The Japanese automaker unveiled its plans to launch two new plants in Japan to produce fuel cell stacks and high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

The fuel cells production will move to a new eight-floor facility, located at the plant in Honsha near Nagoya, and the tanks will be produced at the Shimoya factory.

The construction is already under way, the object in Honsha is left to be fitted inside, and the Shimoya facility is still under construction. It is expected that both factories will open around 2020.

Currently, the only hydrogen car of Toyota is the Mirai sedan, which is sold in the UK and in 10 other markets. Despite the fact that it ‘arrived on British shores’ in 2015, only a few cars priced £60,000 ($80,000) were sold, mainly due to the lack of a normal infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations.

Toyota also produces a hydrogen-powered bus – the Sora, which is sold in the domestic market of Japan.

The company reports that increasing the production of hydrogen fuel cells and tanks will help reduce system costs and make FCEVs more affordable.

To encourage more widespread use of hydrogen-powered, zero emission vehicles, they need to be made more popular and widely available by the 2020s.

Photo: 2016 Toyota Mirai

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