The Young Chinese Byton Electric Brand Prepares Two New Models

The Chinese start-up Byton, which brightly debuted in January at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, having presented the concept of an electric crossover with an autopilot, is preparing two more models. They will be sold in the US and Europe.

The first car on the basis of the Byton Concept EV will be launched in series production next year. The base version of the crossover with rear-wheel drive will get a 272-hp electric motor and a battery of 71 kWh, a power reserve will be 400 km (250 miles).

A more powerful all-wheel drive variant will go with an electric powertrain with two engines and a 95 kWh battery of 476-hp total output. The car can drive up to 520 km (325 miles) on a single charge.

First, the SUV will be sold in the local Chinese market, then it will be brought to the markets of the US and Europe. The starting price of the new vehicle, as claimed by the manufacturer, is from 45,000 dollars.

The company also announced another model – a sports sedan, which can be seen on teasers. The concept will be officially presented in a week, on June 12, at the CES Asia event in Shanghai. The crossover and the sedan will be followed by a minivan.

Byton is an expensive international project with several offices: in China (research, quality control, investment and marketing), Europe (Munich, design department), USA (Silicon Valley, software and autonomous technology department).

One of the investors is FAWAutomotive Works, the oldest automobile company of China. Byton’s future is still early to speak about, but its quick and confident start means good prospects.

Source: Byton

Photo: Byton Concept EV

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