The Porsche 911 Will Never Have An All-Electric Modification

Porsche will expand its model range with electric vehicles in the coming years, but among them there will be no battery version of the 911 model, Oliver Blume, the company’s CEO said at the annual results conference, the Motor 1 informs.

Rear-engined sports cars have been produced since 1963, so it is logical to expect switching to an electric drivetrain, but it does not seem to be the Porsche 911: a fully electric version of the legendary model is not planned.

A hybrid modification for the next-generation 911, which will be launched later this year, is not awaited too. It will appear by the middle of the life cycle of a new car – in mid-2020, when the model is facelifted.

Which exactly the hybrid powertrain will be for the Porsche 911, we do not known today. The company notes there will be a ‘special button’ for access to electric punch.

The Porsche’s electrification plans will be realized on other models. So, next year the German automaker will present a serial version based on the Mission E concept – an electric car with a claimed power reserve of 483 km (300 miles) and an output of 608 hp.

The 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman may receive all-electric versions too.

We’d like to note that BMW not so long ago claimed that they would never have front-wheel driven cars. Today, a whole family has come out, and there is a platform specially developed for FWD.

Photo: the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (2019)

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