The Nissan Leaf Has Overtaken The Renault Zoe In The Market Of Electric Cars In Europe

A leader on the European EV market has changed. After months of lag, the Japanese Nissan Leaf outperformed the French Renault Zoe.

According to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) from the beginning of 2018, a bit more than 11,000 Zoes  were sold on the continent. The sales of its main rival, the Leaf, approached the mark of 12,000 cars.

Thus, today the share of the Japanese electric vehicle in the green segment of the car market in Europe is more than 10.1%, the Renault Zoe has 9.5%.

Demand for the Nissan Leaf in Europe is growing – this is obvious. For comparison, for the same period of 2017 it was owned by 8,105 people (in 2018 – 11,807).

The growth of the model popularity is due to the arrival of its new generation to the market. A powerful 40-kilowatt battery now provides the same range of 350-400 km, as well as the poorer equipped and smaller Renault Zoe.

The price for the new Leaf in Germany, for instance, starts from 32,000 euros.

The TOP 10 most popular electric cars in Europe also includes the Volkswagen e-Golf (6,798 units), BMW i3 (5,389 units), Tesla Model S (4,612 units), Smart Fortwo ED (3,380 units), Hyundai Ioniq Electric (3,163 units), Tesla Model X (2,982 units), Kia Soul EV (2,698 units) and the Smart Forfour ED (1,592 units).