The new Mazda 3 Debuts In November: The First Details

Mazda will present the next fourth generation of the Mazda 3, a competitor to the Volkswagen Golf, in November this year at the Motor Show in Los Angeles. The new car is built on a new platform and got a new engine with advanced technology, the Auto Express informs.

For the hatchback to compete better with the Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class premium rivals, its technical part was improved. As for design, the production model is based on the KAI concept, presented at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The next-generation Mazda 3 will be the first car of the brand to be built on a fully new SkyActiv Vehicle Architecture. This platform is said to support a low, sporty seating position and a radical new engine technology.

The new vehicle is equipped with a new Mazda-SkyActiv-X petrol motor with the SCCI (Spark Controlled Compression Ignition) system, through which the engine can operate in conventional petrol engine-style combustion state or seamlessly switch to diesel-style compression ignition, using the spark plugs as a controlling factor for consistent combustion.

Thus, SkyActiv-X has the performance of a petrol engine and fuel economy of a diesel one, as it can run on a leaner fuel-air mixture. The 2.0-liter supercharged SkyActiv-X is expected to develop 190 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque.

The model’s motor range will also include a petrol entry-level SkyActiv-G and a diesel SkyActiv-D. The new Mazda 3 will enter the market in 2019.

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