The first teasers of a flagship Volkswagen Arteon have been published

At the Geneva Motor Show a new flagship Volkswagen Arteon will be formally introduced. On the eve of its debut the automaker released the novelty’s first official teaser images.
Тизер Volkswagen Arteon

 Volkswagen Arteon teaser

In the model range the Arteon will replace a large four-door coupe CC, created on the base of the Passat sedan.

The new flagship got a similar layout of the body, but is expected to be a little bit more and gets a richer equipment.The Volkswagen Arteon in general is closer to the premium class.

At the automaker’s they called the new flagship “a fastback”. However, the models with such a body typically have a fixed rear glass. However, everything flows, everything changes …A clear classification that was 30-40 years ago, doesn’t exist at present.

The Arteon will share the powertrain with the Volkswagen Passat. Buyers will be able to choose between a front- and an all-wheel drive. A new 7-band two-disc automatic transmission will be offered.

The rest details will be known in Geneva, on March, 7. Just wait a bit.

Teasers – Volkswagen