The First Electric Road With A Charger For EVs Appeared In Sweden

Electric vehicles in Sweden can be recharged on the move from the roadway. The first such electrified road is open to access between Stockholm and the airport of Stockholm-Arlanda. Its length is two kilometers.

The road is built by eRoadArlanda. It is divided into sections of 50 meters each, in which the contact rails are integrated. With the help of a mobile current receiver mounted at the bottom of the car, a connection to the source of charge occurs.

The rails are fed automatically when the car is above them. Such charging is a paid service. The system makes the calculation of energy consumption by a separate car, and the fee will be debited from the account of the car owner.

1 km of the electric road costs 1 million euro. It is estimated that it is cheaper by 50 times than starting, for example, a tram line. At the same time, harmful emissions can be reduced by 90%.

Such roads are part of the strategy of the Government of Sweden to reduce the number of cars with internal combustion engines by 70% by 2030.

We’d like to recall that in 2014 BMW presented the Light and Charge system – street lights with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Source: the Guardian

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