The Facial Recognition System Will Make US Cops’ Jobs Easier

Police cars in the US are started to equip with the Ekin Patrol G2 system from Coban Technologies. This multi-functional gadget is another step in the development of sensor technology. It has a form of a light bar and can be incorporated into the conventional rooftop light design.

Last fall Coban Technologies tested its new high-tech dash cams on Los Angeles police cars, now it’s time for the a facial recognition device – this is the main function of the Ekin Patrol G2.

The system instantly detects the faces of the people in the field of view, and in real time checks them over a specific database. This function will enable cops to identify suspects more accurately and efficiently.

Ekin Patrol G2 also has a 360-degree automatic function for recognizing the license plates of all vehicles within the field of view, both those in motion and parked.

Detection of speed limit violators, parking safety and video surveillance are three additional bonuses that contribute to the fulfillment of law enforcement tasks.

The system works even at high speed, exchanges data with other police cars.

Source: the News Wheel

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