The Citroen C1 Has Received Two New Special Versions

The Citroen C1 meets the spring in a refreshed appearance: new body colors, upholstery materials, upgraded Citroen’s double chevrons and the C1 logo, expanded list of high-tech equipment and more powerful and efficient motors. The most interesting is that two new special versions of the model are proposed: The ELLE for elegant and stylish drivers and the Urban Ride for fans of adventure and dynamics.

The Citroen C1 ELLE is a part of the ELLE Women in Society program, which aims to emphasize the role of modern women in society and at work. The ELLE pack includes external personalization, a special interior trim and more connectivity systems.

The ELLE version received 15-inch alloy wheels Planet, as well as a contrasting two-color body with a black roof (plus special decals and tinted glass). Two other contrasting color schemes with a gray roof are available too. On each side door there is an aluminum “ELLE” logo.

In the interior a special ELLE pack of color design (Cherry Pink) is used, which includes fabric upholstery with a pink stitch and separate pink elements (around multimedia, on the front panel, mats).

The С1 ELLE is developed on the basis of the top Shine trim level, supplemented with a climate control and an automatic headlight switching function, an automatic braking system, a traffic control and a speed limiter. You can order keyless access and start the engine at the push of a button as options.

The car also received an advanced multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen and Mirror Screen function. The Citroen C1 ELLE is available in a five-door hatchback’s body with a modern petrol VTi 72 engine paired with manual or ETG automatic transmissions.

The C1 Urban Ride modification combines the adventure style and the SUV features. This is a good example of personalization. The sports look is accentuated by the mirror bodies in Caldéra Black color, tinted rear and side windows, a well-developed body kit, wheel arch liners of matte black, 15-inch Planet Black wheels, Sunrise Red tіres with central inserts.

A new body color – blue is added, there are other color options of gray, white, black. Decor on the rear rack – unusual geometric figures of gray-orange color highlight this version of the model.

Citroen C1 Urban Ride

The accents of gray and orange are also used in interior decoration. The C1 Urban Ride version offers a unique combination – blue fabric upholstery and bright orange decor around the multimedia system and on the dashboard, plus separate glossy-black elements.

The front panel is decorated with original stickers, and mats have the embroidered Urban Ride logo – these are also features of the special version.

Citroen C3 Elle

The Urban Ride, like the ELLE,  is developed on the basis of the top Shine trim level, has the function of Mirror Screen. As standard equipment or options keyless access and engine start and several packs including automatic air conditioning, the function of headlight automatic switch, the auto-braking system and others are available.

The motor range includes petrol VTi 72 paired with the manual or robotic gearbox (VTi 72 ETG option is available only for hatchback).


Source: Citroën Ukraine

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