The Chinese Have Developed A Clone Of The Mazda CX-4

The Chinese automaker Zotye, which was expected to finally produce original cars rather than clones of famous brands, has presented its next creation – the Traum Meet 5, which, alas, is just a copy of the Mazda CX-4 model, the Chinese informs.

If the Mazda’s model has dimensions 4633 x 1840 x 1535 mm and the wheelbase of 2700 mm, then the Traum Meet 5 is slightly larger: 4680 x 1868 x 1625 mm, the wheelbase is 2720 mm.

Traum is the sister brand of Zotye, both funded by the Tieniu group from Zhejiang. Traum means “dream” in German, and, according to Zotye, the Traum brand is mainly aimed at young and trendy people with fresh car taste.

The grille of the Meet 5 has a design different from the Mazda CX-4, the blue Traum logo is visible under the windscreen wiper. On the side there are a few more chrome decor elements, the taillights are now connected in one LED strip, which passes through the back of the car.

The Meet 5 looks a little more original inside, with its central touch screen and an all-digital instrument panel, as it looks like. The car will also be equipped with an Onlymic entertainment system with 11 speakers.

As for powertrains, a 1.5-liter Mitsubishi turbo engine of 150 hp and 215 Nm of torque will be offered. The Transmission is a five-speed manual or CVT.

The Chinese novelty is likely to make its debut at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. We wonder how Mazda will react…

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