Subaru will launch its first plug-in hybrid based on the Toyota Prius

This year Subaru will introduce its first plug-in hybrid based on the Toyota Prius and using Toyota technologies. By 2021, the serial production of an all-electric version of the model is planned, the Automotive News reports with reference to Takeshi Tachimori, a head of the Subaru technical department.

In further development, the company will use the technologies of other automakers – Mazda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, which, together with Subaru and Toyota, are members of the EV Common Architecture Spirit Alliance. The main direction of the alliance is the creation of a platform for electric vehicles.

The powertrain of the Toyota Prius Prime was adapted for the Subaru’s opposing engine and the all-wheel drive system. A 97-hp 1.8-liter petrol, an electric motor of 73 hp and a block of lithium-ion batteries of 8.8 kW•h are the parts of the Prius powertrain.The driving range on a single charge is 35 km.

The plug-in hybrid Subaru will be produced in Japan for the US market. The  novelty will go on sale still this year.

In the photo – the Toyota Prius Prime (2017)

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