Skoda Will Show The Baby-SUV’s Concept In Geneva

Skoda has unveiled details about the Vision X concept car. It will officially debut very soon – at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, which opens in a week. The model has the newest hybrid drivetrain. The internal combustion engine in it can work both on gas and on petrol.

The serial car will be launched in production next year. It is known it will preserve the dimensions of the prototype, i.e. will be the brand’s smallest SUV with a length of about 4250 mm, a width of 1800 mm and a wheelbase of 2645 mm.

The model will go on sale named the Skoda Amiq or Anuq and joins the Karoq and Kodiaq in the Czech brand’s SUV lineup.

The motor range includes a 1.5-liter 130-hp turbo engine (250 Nm of torque) and two electric ones : the first is connected to the internal combustion engine, the second, located on the rear axle, provides a full drive.

The vehicle is not equipped with a cardan shaft, which reduced its weight. If necessary, the Vision X can be front-, rear- or all-wheel drive.

The gas tanks are located under the seats of the second row and behind the rear axle. Between them there is a petrol tank. Batteries for electric motors are placed in the central part of the chassis. They can be charged on the run due to the recuperation system: during braking or when coasting.

The Skoda Vision X accelerates to 100 km/h in 9.3 seconds and can gain a top speed of 200 km/h. Its driving range is 650 km.

Source: Motor 

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