Sales Of The Audi A6 and A7 Are Suspended Due To Possible Manipulations With Emissions

Audi is suspected of manipulating the emissions of 60,000 cars. The Federal Motor Transport Office of the Federal Republic of Germany (KVA) has initiated formal hearings on this case, the Deutsche Welle reports.

The scandal affected about 60,000 diesel-powered A6 and A7 models around the world, more than half of them – 33,000 – in Germany. The automaker suspended the sale of these cars, and if suspicions are confirmed, they will be recalled.

This is not the first such a scandal. Because of the Dieselgate, which was inflamed in 2015, the company has already withdrawn 150,00 cars, the software on which showed false level of emissions.

In this case, we are talking about the motors of the EU6 standard with a device for the purification of nitrogen oxides, in which a special liquid is injected into the exhaust gas stream and splits the nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

For car owners not to pour this liquid into a special tank on their own, Audi designed the system in such a way that the cleaning liquid is sufficient until the next maintenance.

In fact, at some point the device for gas cleaning starts to work very limited or does not work at all. As a result, harmful gases of high concentration enter the air.

Photo: 2019 Audi A6

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