Sales Of Green Cars In The Norwegian Market Reached The Highest Result In The History

March 2018 was the most resultative in the history of green cars sales in the most electromobile country in the world – Norway. More than 37% of the car market fell there on such cars.

A total of 14,400 new cars were registered in Norway in the first month of spring. 5,322 of them are electrified vehicles (electric cars and hybrids). The average level of carbon dioxide emissions in the country is 63 g/km, which is a third less than a year ago.

The environmental situation improving was partly possible due to a more active refusal of residents of Norway from cars with diesel engines, their sales fell by 25% compared to last year’s March.

Among the brands in the Norwegian EV segment the following five leaders were defined:

  1. Nissan: 2,333 units (+61%), 2,172 of them are new Nissan Leafs;
    2. Tesla: 1,403 units (+ 41%), 727 Model Xs and 676 Model Ss;
    3. Volkswagen: 1,353 units (-21%);
    4. Volvo: 1,240 units (+ 0.1%)’
    5. BMW: 1,090 units (-14%).

Source: Autocentre

Photo: 2018 Nissan Leaf

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