A Prototype Of The New BMW 1-Series Is Seen With Production Optics

One of the pre-production samples of the next-generation BMW 1-Series has been seen during the next road tests with the latest front headlamps on LED elements and L-shaped tail lights, according to the Motor 1.

Apparently, it is  lighting equipment, which will be installed on the production model. Otherwise, dense camouflage still hides the design of the new car.

However, there will be no revolution in the appearance of the new BMW. New optics only confirm this. The latest concepts, of course, are felt, but they are balanced by the traditional approach to the design of lighting technology in previous models.

In the prototype, a new more muscular radiator grille is clearly visible. The rear seems more inclined and sportier than the current model’s.

A fully digital instrument panel is expected in the cabin. However, it’s premature to talk about the interior yet.

The BMW 1-Series is designed on the front-wheel drive UKL platrorm. Some of its versions will probably get an AWD system.

The 1-Series will no longer have a three-door body configuration. The lineup of engines will include 3- and 4-cylinder ones. A hot M-version is not expected, but a warm M140i modification with a 2.0-liter turbo V4 is provided.

The debut of the new 1-Series should take place still in 2018. Apparently, it’ll happen at the Paris Motor Show in October.

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