President Trump hits car imports from Europe

According to several American and European diplomats, US President Donald Trump, during a meeting with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron last month, proposed radical measures: to ban the sale of German luxury cars to the United States.

Trump is alleged to have said that the he would maintain until the Mercedes cars disappear from Fifth Avenue in New York. Such a statement caused a drop in shares of Daimler, Mercedes owner, as well as Volkswagen and Porsche.

Information about Trump’s drastic intentions comes after he ordered the commercial secretary Wilbur Ross to check import customs tariffs and find out whether automobile imports are a threat for national security.

So the US president acted in March, when he imposed a high tax on steel imports. The tariffs on car imports could reach 25%, which could lead to clashes within the government.

Earlier Mr.Trump considered the idea of ​​hitting imports by tightening regulations for car emissions. However, changing emissions standards will not mean the implementation of new laws. The president asked a number of agencies to consider the possibility of introducing tougher emissions norms, but within existing laws.

Of all automakers whose products are available in the US, Europeans are chosen by Donald Trump to be hit most, since the most of the European brand cars sold here are imported vehicles.

At the same time, 70% of US-sold Asian brand cars are produced at plants built in the United States: 17 out of 21 foreign car factories in the country belong to the manufacturers from Asia.

Less than a third (30%) of European cars on the US market are produced in US factories, while imports amounted 21% of total sales (17.2 million) in the country last year.

Source: Motor 1

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