Porsche will develop a platform for electric supercars

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept
Porsche’s engineers create a platform for electric sports cars and supercars. The new architecture can also be used for Audi and Lamborghini models.

The platform is called SPE, and will be the third architecture that the Volkswagen Group has developed for fully electric cars, Automotive News Europe informs. Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini, we remind, are part of the VW Group.

Porsche electric vehicles on the SPE platform can become a more affordable alternative to the Audi R8 e-Tron supercar. In addition, the Italian Lamborghini will have a chance to start developing a serial version of the Terzo Millennio Concept (pictured above). This ‘cosmo’ prototype was shown in the past November.

The Volkswagen Group confirmed that Porsche received a task to develop an EV platform “for two-door sports cars and supercars.” Details are not commented.

The first cars should not be expected before 2025. At the moment, designers still have many unresolved issues.

Today Porsche does not have all-electric cars, but 60% of all Panameras sold in Europe have hybrid powertrains.

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