Porsche Wants To Develop Flying Taxis

Porsche decided to join Daimler, Geely and Italdesign, which are working on projects of flying cars destined to offload the roads of the world’s megacities.

According to the Porsche’s sales director Detlev von Platen, it’s necessary to use the airspace, where there are no traffic jams, and develop this direction.

Today in countries such as Mexico or Brazil, for example, there are cities where it takes 4 hours to drive 20 km, and people have to travel to airports a long time because of heavy traffic.

A trip in the air will take several minutes, and this is a profitable position from the point of view of competition.

Detlev von Platen,

Just like you drive a Porsche, you would fly the drone, without needing a pilot or your own license.

While Porsche is in the early stages of developing a flying taxi, it may take years.

At the Geneva Motor Show last week, Italdesign and Audi introduced Pop.Up Next – the further development of the Pop-Up self-driving ground car and flying cab modular concept shown a year before at the same venue.

We remind, that Italdesign, Audi and Porsche belong to the Volkswagen Group.

Daimler last year invested in a German Volocopter project – the development of a five-seat flying electric taxi of vertical take-off / landing (VTOL).

Geely Holding Group has purchased Terrafugia (US company) which designs aircrafts and plans to launch its first product on the market next year.

Source: Automotive News Europe

Photo: Italdesig

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