Porsche Introduced The Open-Top Porsche 911 Speedster Concept

An official presentation of the ready-to-use open-top Porsche 911 Speedster Concept has been held at the “70 years of Porsche sports cars” event at the exhibition center in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart.

The new car reveals the essence of the brand. It’s a link between the first Porsche 356 ‘No.1′ roadster of 1948 and modern Porsche cars, received a drive system based on modern GT models. Serial version will arrive not earlier than next year.

The car features a shorter window frame with acuter angle of the windshield, shortened side windows, a large squat, a low Fly-Line roof like its predecessors’. The carbon fiber cover, adjacent to the front seats, hides the arcs of the rollover protection system.

This cover has a special double-bubble shape, which was used as a design element for the 911 Speedster since 1988. Two contrasting black plates between the ‘humps’ add aerodynamics, and on the transparent windscreen of the plexiglass the “70 years of Porsche” logo is engraved.

The 911 Speedster Concept has a light awning, not a folding roof. The principle of reducing the weight typical for the Speedster philosophy is applied inside: the navigation system, radio and air conditioning are absent. The classic style is used for bucket seats made of carbon, cognac-colored leather trim.

The wide body of the concept car was borrowed from the 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. The wings, bonnet and rear cover are made of light carbon fiber. The paint coating of traditional Silver and White GT colors reminds the early race models of Porsche. 

The same can be said about other carefully crafted parts, such as a 1950s-style fuel tank cap located in the middle of the bonnet, exterior mirrors of the classic Talbot form, or a special design of headlights.

The transparent and opaque surfaces of the headlamp linings create a cross-shaped effect – a hint at the early years of Porsche in motorsport. The gold-plated “Speedster” inscription is applied to the rear of the body and wide door racks.

The chassis is taken from the 911 GT3. The Concept 911 Speedster got 21-inch wheels, first with a central mount, and contrast polished spokes.

The car is equipped with an GT exhaust system with titanium exhaust pipes, a six-speed manual transmission, a six-cylinder opposed engine that produces more than 500 hp and can develop 9000 rpm.

The history of the Porsche Speedster models began in the USA with the ancestor of the 356 1500 America Roadster of 1950s with a handmade aluminum body, a soft top, bucket seats and set-in door windows, a 70-horsepower four-cylinder engine, which developed an unprecedented maximum speed 175 km/h.By 2010, there were 8 different series and special models of the Speedster.

Source: Winner Import Ukraine, Ltd., the official importer of Porsche in Ukraine

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