One In Six Drivers Falls Asleep At The Wheel, – Eхperts

According to a new research conducted by the British company SmartWitness (manufacturer of vehicle safety systems), every sixth driver in the UK falls asleep at the wheel, the Motor1 reports.

Experts interviewed 1,000 drivers and found out that 17 percent fell asleep at the wheel. 42 percent of the survey participants admitted that, despite the drowsiness, they continued the ride.

Almost half of the respondents – 47 percent – acknowledged that because of driving tired they were a source of danger for themselves and other road users.

89 percent of those drivers who drive the car, being tired, noted that they had to get behind the wheel in this state for work or home life reasons. 48 percent of surveyed said  they stopped and took a brake if they were tired.

Many of those who continue driving, despite the drowsy state, try to cheer up in simple ways: opening a window (48 percent) or drinking coffee (37 percent).

SmartWitness’s CEO Paul Singh said:

Driver fatigue is one of the biggest killers on our roads and we need to be doing far more to raise awareness of this major threat to road safety.

Mr. Singh is confident that employers who force drivers to adhere to the delivery schedule, ignoring fatigue and risking falling asleep at the wheel, should understand that it is as dangerous as driving drunk or talking on a mobile phone while driving.

It is vital that employers recognize this problem and implement new technology to spot when their staff are too tired to drive, and alerts for the drivers so that they know themselves.

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