One More Concept Of a Flying Car Has Been Shown

Almost every month we hear about flying cars. This time an AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL concept (vertical take-off/landing) has been revealed, according to the Carscoops.

This is an augmented version of the AeroMobil 4.0 STOL – the flying four-seat electric car with autonomous flight mode. Long and sleek, the 5.0 VTOL is equipped with two electrically driven rotors mounted in the wings, and a pusher propeller in the rear.

AeroMobil says  the wings provide ‘maximum flight efficiency’, while the two rear tails offer improved control and stability of flight. The concept also provides an adaptive suspension to ensure smooth landings and take-offs.

Futuristic style continues in the interior: a rectangular steering wheel, wood trim, a set of high-tech displays. Each person will have access to a ‘personalized in-flight experience’, having the chance to select one of the screens to connect with the outside world.

The company intends to put the 5.0 VTOL to production after the launch of the 4.0 STOL in 2020. It will take from seven to ten years. AeroMobil considers this schedule to be realistic, since it is still necessary to build and scale the infrastructure for the new model, as well as obtain the necessary permits from regulators.

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