Nissan Wants To Sell A Million Electric Cars Per Year

Nissan has presented its ambitious plan concerning sales of electric vehicles. The carmaker says that it intends to bring the annual sales volume of green cars to one million.

The company is ready to reach this figure by 2022. The Leaf is the locomotive of sales. In addition, Nissan produces a lineup of electrical models that use an e-Power system. Here, the electric powertrain is the source of the driving force, and the battery pack is charged from a small pertol engine.

Nissan has sold a little more than 300,000 Leafs ever since this model first entered the market in December 2011. Recently, the model had a generation change. The driving range was increased. So ambitious plans are logical.

Moreover, Nissan says it will develop eight new electric vehicles.

As for the Leaf, currently this is the most popular vehicle powered by an electric motor in the world. In Europe the model takes the second place by popularity, it follows the French Renault ZOE.

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