Nissan Develops Self-Driving Slippers For Japanese Inns

Nissan announces that it has just developed original self-parking slippers for a traditional Japanese inn. The system of autonomy was taken from the ProPilot technology, which is used in cars, the Motor 1 informs.

In the sole of the slippers two small wheels and sensors are mounted, which allow to move across  the wooden floor of the inn to the exit, so that guests, when they enter, can put them on immediately.

Slippers are an important element of Japanese culture: when people enter a room or even a public place, such as a hotel, they must take off their outdoor shoes and put on their home ones (slippers).

The company notes their technology for slippers is the same as that used in their new Leaf electric car, but  miniaturisated. We are talking about high-tech sensors and cameras that help the car to take a parking space or reverse in the parking lot without the driver’s participation.

Some selected hotel guests in the resort of Hakone, 76 km far from Tokyo, will be able to test the technology as early as this month. According to Nissan spokesman Nick Maxfield  ‘the self-parking slippers are meant to raise awareness of automated driving technologies, and their potential, non-driving applications.’

In the mentioned hotel not only slippers are ‘special’, but also low tables and floor cushions, which are able to move across the floor on their own. Within the next 2 years, Nissan is going to integrate full self-driving technology into all its production models.


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