A new Toyota car will fly above the clouds?….

The world’s largest automaker Toyota Motor Corporation is entering the final stage of its SkyDrive project – the creation of a flying car. Tests of the car with a driver-pilot are scheduled for the end of 2018.

The company plans to participate in the summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. At the opening ceremony, the flying mini-car will approach the Olympic torch and light the fire. In the long term, Toyota plants for a mass production of the flying EV after 2025.

Dream becomes a reality
The creator of the project is an employee of Toyota Tsubasa Nakamura. In 2012, with a group of like-minded people, he embarked on the realization of his dream – the creation of a flying car. Engineers succeeded in winning a design competition for flying electric vehicles.

The developers called their team Cartavator, later they created the site.
In 2014, designers began to develop the ‘SkyDrive’ program – ​​the production of a flying car’s prototype. Young creators managed not only to win financial support from Toyota, but also to build and test the approved large-scale models.

Main technical parameters
Having officially recognized the development, Toyota intends to support the project and to invest in it. The full-sized prototype of the flying car has already been developed and the date of manned tests has been set.

The Toyota flying electric vehicle has overall dimensions:
length – 2.9 meters;
width – 1.3 meters at a height of 1.1 meters.

In fact, it is the smallest electric vehicle in the world.

The estimated flight speed is 100 km/h, the standard cruising speed on the highway is 150 km/h. The tiny electric car will use the technology of drones – a 4-blade propeller.

The movement and flight will be controlled by changing the speed of each propeller, respectively. Take-off and landing are vertical, the height of the ascent into the air is 10 meters.

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