What the new Mercedes A-Class is ready to attack the segment of premium hatchbacks with?

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Mercedes brings to the market a new generation of the A-Class hatchback. The car starts arriving to dealers in March 2018. Its approximate cost is known. It is quite obvious that in the segment of premium hatches a clearly expressed leader may appear.

So, what is the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class launching on the market? The automaker claims that this is a new level of comfort and technology. Judging by the official pictures, you can add to this a more dynamic, sporty and sharp exterior design. It is obvious that the A-Class has ceased to be a car focused mainly on family buyers.

In the interior the changes are, rather, evolutionary. The main modifications are in its functionality. The new A-Class has got the latest Mercedes development – an User Experience system. It includes a digital dashboard, which displays exactly those widgets that a particular driver is interested in.


Experts note the good work of this system, in particular, the advanced navigation functionality and access to ‘me connect’ services.

The list of options includes a voice control, a touch screen, a touchpad on the center console, touch panels on the steering wheel and many others.

We would like to focus the reader’s attention on another aspect.

The main rivals of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class – the Audi A3, BMW 1-Series,  Volkswagen Golf and the Volvo V40 – are just preparing for a change of generations. Thus, the time for attack is chosen perfectly. We remember how well the A-Class’s predecessor started in 2012 – because of the increased demand, the Germans even had to revise their production plans. The new A-Class with its package of advanced technologies has very high chances.

The official premiere of the third-generation hatchback will take place in early March at the Geneva Motor Show. The price  for the initial configuration will be the equivalent of €27,000-28,000, which is about 10% more expensive than the price of the predecessor.

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