A new generation of Ford Focus has been noticed first in its production body

A pre-production prototype of the new generation of Ford Focus has been taken photo by automobile spies.  For the first time they could take a picture of the new vehicle in its production body. Until that time, only so called mules (a new chassis and an engine in the old body) were seen.

However, today to talk about the design of the fourth generation of Ford Focus is prematurely due to a heavy camouflage.

What is already known about the new Focus? It is being developed by the same team that worked on the “seventh” Ford Fiesta.

The next generation model will keep the platform and the dimensions of the precursor.

Designers just extended its wheelbase for improved interior layout.

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus – current generation

Engines for the new Focus will be largely the same as those available for the last Fiesta, but the details of a powertrain have been unknown yet.

The current Focus faced serious challenges from the main rivals – the Volkswagen Golf and the Opel Astra, as well as numerous crossovers of the C-Class, which take its purchasers away.

Therefore, the team of developers set a task to oppose a certain advantage of the Focus to its competitors. It should be a good manageability. It was this feature that made the glory of the models of the 1st and 2nd generations.

To achieve this goal the characteristics of steering, front suspension and geometry will be thoroughly calculated.

The debut of the new generation of Ford Focus is expected in 2018.


Photo – Ford