New Ford Technology Will Help To Find A Parking Place

Looking for a free seat in the parking lot is often long and tedious. Ford greatly facilitates the task to drivers , introducing a new technology based on crowdsourcing.

Motorists, thanks to the system, will be able to see the map of free and occupied places immediately upon arrival at the parking lot. To obtain information about unoccupied places, data from parking sensors of cars are used.

The new technology will save drivers and fuel, and time, and, of course, nerves. For example, in the UK, each driver on average annually spends his or her life searching for a free ‘slot’ in the parking lot. These are the results of a study commissioned by Ford.

Christian Ress, head of development of driver assistance technologies in the European division of Ford’s research and advanced development,


We are well aware of how much time it takes to find a free parking space and how stressful this process can be for the driver. Our study on cooperation in parking offers the opportunity to return the lost time to drivers and help them enjoy trips without stress.

The technology of crowdsourcing parking is based on data from the parking sensors of vehicles in the parking lot. The information on free places is transferred to the display of the vehicle’s multimedia system and can be clarified with the help of the data of its own parking monitoring system.

One of the advantages of the technology is the lack of the need to install additional equipment in the parking lot – the systems are used the most modern cars are equipped with.

The new technology of assistance in finding a parking space was developed by Ford together with partners according to the UK Autodrive – the largest project in the history of Great Britain for testing autonomous vehicles and ones equipped with communication systems, partially funded by the state.

Earlier on the UK Autodrive, the company presented systems to warn about an emergency vehicle approach or of a sharp decrease in the speed of the car ahead (including the one behind the turn and invisible to the driver), and a technology that allows cars to synchronize with traffic lights and avoid stops at red light all the way.

Source – Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd, the official importer of Ford in Ukraine

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