Mercedes Has Been Developing An Electric S-Class

Mercedes S-Class for the first time will receive an electric powertrain. Before this family model was the first to be equipped with airbags, three-point seat belts and a set of innovative safety functions.

More precisely, the company is developing not quite an electric S-Class, but rather a leader in the class – the limousine EQ S which is one of 10 new all-electric cars from Daimler, which will be presented within the next 4 years.

While the EQ S will be an electric car, the S-Class itself will get a hybrid version with all-new battery range unlike other Mercedes cars that are equipped with a soft-hybrid 48-volt system.

Last year, Mercedes profit margins were record, but potential trade barriers in the US and China could lead to a high cost of developing electric vehicles and lower the company’s profits. Therefore, the automaker aspires to make local production more flexible and use additional opportunities.

The partner Daimler company has made a breakthrough in the electromobile industry thanks to investment of 9 billion euros. The Smart brand will also completely switch to the production of cars only on electric traction in the coming years, becoming the first among the automakers to take such a step.

Source: Motor 1

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