Mercedes-Benz Will Produce Batteries For Electric Cars In Thailand

More and more automakers set their sights to Asia as a region for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. Нaving no shortage of orders from Europe, Asian battery-making companies will expand. Today, Mercedes-Benz has announced about its plans to invest in this business.

The Germans are going to invest 100 million euros ($1.2 million) in the facility that already operates in Bangkok (Thailand). Its partner will be a local company – Thonburi Automotive Assembly (TAAP).

Mercedes-Benz plans to produce batteries at six production sites on three continents, as part of its strategy to create by 2022 an electric version for each model of the brand.

The company’s EV lineup will include 50 variants of electrified vehicles, among them there are all-electric, plug-in hybrid cars and 48-volt-system models.

The first fully electric vehicle – the EQC was expected at the Geneva Auto Show, but failed, and now it is reported it will be launched in production in 2019.

Markus Schafer, the man in charge of production at Mercedes-Benz,

With our highly standardized and scalable battery production concept, we are able to start operations in any region at short notice and at the right size.

Interestingly, Mercedes has revealed its plans the day after Volkswagen informed that by the end of 2022 at least 16 facilities belonging to the Group would produce electric vehicles. The batteries for them will come from China and Europe, and the North American manufacturer will be announced during this year.


Photo: Mercedes-Benz EQC