Mercedes Actively Promotes Its New Practical Sports Car

Even before the auto show in Geneva, which has started its work, Mercedes-Benz launched an active promotional campaign to promote its latest development in the niche of sports cars – a four-door AMG GT Coupe.

In addition to outstanding dynamic characteristics and classic sports appearance, the novelty has one more advantage – it is more practical than the basic two-door Mercedes-Benz AMG GT model.

The future real rival of the Porsche Panamera should attract the attention of a larger number of potential buyers. Two-door layout, of course, emphasizes the individuality of the owner, but with the practicality of the classic coupe the situation is worse.

The Panamera’s commercial success suggests that a compromise, namely the availability of four doors, is justified.

That is why the AMG GT Coupe has been started to promote actively even before the official premiere, but in the Swiss capital the finishing touch is made.

And a few technical details. The four-door AMG GT Coupe is based on the two-door AMG GT version. Under the hood of the sports car there is a 4.0-liter turbo V8 engine with an output of 612 hp. More powerful versions, including with a hybrid powertrain, are expected.

Source: Motor 1

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