Magnetic Fluid Is Added To The Ford Mustang’s Shock Absorbers

The Ford Mustang has received a new MagneRide® technology – usage of magnetic fluid in shock absorbers. It will improve the controllability and smoothness of the course. The same technology is used in artificial joints and prosthetic limbs of disabled sports men: snowboarders and skiers.

Magnetic fluid provides stability on corners. Being in prosthetic knee joints, it helps to absorb shocks and react quickly after landing with a significant impact load.

In the Ford Mustang, the sensors monitor the state of the road, the electromagnets monitor the iron particles that float in the oil inside the shock absorbers, automatically correcting the magnetic field strength 1000 times per second.

With sharp turns, the stiffness of the shock absorbers increases, and during quiet trips at low speed, the the shock absorber’s settings change to softer ones.

Becoming even faster and more sophisticated, the new Ford Mustang got more advanced technologies, aт emphatically sporty exterior and a 5-liter 450-hp V8 engine which allows to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.3 seconds.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine

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