KIA Will Equip Its Three Popular Models With All-Wheel Drive

Having introduced a luxury and technological Kia K900 sedan of the new generation with all-wheel drive at the Auto Show in New York, the South Korean automaker intends to equip the AWD system on some other models of the brand.

As Orth Hedrick said (VP Product Planning Kia Motors America), the company has been already working on an all-wheel drive version of the Niro SUV. AWD will also be installed on the Kia Optima, to further spur demand for the popular model.

Even the Sedona minivan in its next iteration will receive a four-wheel drive version, although the current generation of the vehicle does not seem to be suitable for this. Together with the all-wheel drive, the Sedona will attain off-road capabilities.

The Kia Stinger business class liftback is also considered in the company in terms of its all-wheel drive potential.

Source: CarBuzz

Photo: 2019 Kia K900

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