Kia Introduced The 48-Volt Diesel Hybrid Power System

Kia Ceed (2019)
The new soft hybrid system introduced by Kia will provide increased power and reduced emissions of diesel engines. During 2018, the new system will be added to the motor range of some models of the South Korean brand.

Kia officially announced the launch of a completely new hybrid transmission, the Auto Express reports. The system includes a 48-volt battery with a starter-generator unit. Similar technologies are already used on the Suzuki Ignis and Audi A8.

The electric motor adds 10 kW – this is 13 hp – to improve performance while rapidly  accelerating, and also helps at partial loads of the throttle to ease the voltage of the internal combustion engine. When braking, the inverter switches the motor current, effectively turning it into a generator to charge a small battery of 0.46 kW.

Kia argues that the compactness of the system will make it relatively easy to install in the current models of the brand. In most cases, the battery will be mounted under the trunk’s floor.

The official release date has not been confirmed yet, but the technology is ready for serial production.

The new Ceed (pictured above), which is due to enter the market this year, is likely to be the first model to receive a new technology.

 Kia hybrid system


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