Kia Announced The Completion Of The Tests Of The Wireless Charging System For Electric Cars

The 3-year joint project of Hyundai Kia America Technical Center Incorporated and Mojo Mobility company on creation of wireless charging system for electric vehicles is completed. It was implemented with the support of the USA Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The project participants developed a compact charger that would transmit quickly more than 10 kW of energy with an efficiency of 85%. In the tests Kia Soul electric vehicles participated, wireless charging receivers were installed on them for checking the system’s reliability, safety and perspective.

Receivers were placed in the floor panel of the car, and the charger – on the ground. Energy transfer occurs when the vehicle is parked so that the receiver is above the charger, with some shift of the receiver relative to the transmitter permissible.

While they do not plan to install such wireless devices on serial cars, they will first develop the appropriate infrastructure and gradually equip commodity models with suitable equipment.

Photo: Kia Soul EV (2015)

Source: Falcon-Auto, the official distributor of Kia cars in Ukraine

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