Jaguar Land Rover Develops The World’s First Autopilot For SUVs

2017 Land Rover Discovery
Jaguar Land Rover has started the implementation of the CORTEX project. This is a system of autonomous control, which will be used on SUVs.

The new autopilot is designed to work off-road in almost all weather conditions: whether it’s dirt, rain, snow, ice or fog. The 5D technology is a key component of the project. This is a whole complex of acoustic and video sensors, radars, light sensors, distance detection technology.

According to the concept, the Jaguar Land Rover autopilot will be self-learning. Thus, the system will each time improve its maneuvers, accumulate and analyze data.

The British automaker is developing a full-fledged and semi-automated control technology. That is, the level of automation is chosen by the buyer himself.

Scientists are involved in the CORTEX project. In particular, the University of Birmingham uses the world’s leading scientific research in the field of radar and sounding. Funds for research are partially allocated by the government.

A few words about the levels of the autonomous regime.

Level 0 – without autopilot: the autonomous control system is not installed. The driver himself drives the car.
Level 1 – electronic assistant: the driver is provided with partial assistance, for example, a cruise control.
Level 2 is a partial autopilot: the driver can turn on help for two functions, for example, to control the car’s speed (Traffic Jam Assist).
Level 3 – conditional autopilot: the car is controlled by an autopilot under normal road conditions, but may require the participation of the driver in case of a complicated traffic situation.
Level 4 – high level of automation: the car can work independently in a certain traffic (city roads or motorway) without driver participation.
Level 5 – full autopilot: human control over vehicles is not needed. The car can travel without any human involvement.
By the way, the expediency of developing of the 5th level systems causes a lot of controversy today.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine, ltd, the official representative of Jaguar Land Rover in Ukraine