Hyundai Will Present The Next Concept Car In A New Emotional Style In The End Of The Year

Hyundai Motor conceived a second concept car in a new emotional style, which will follow the Le Fil Rouge, a four-door coupe debuted in March at the Geneva Auto Show.

According to Hyundai’s design boss San Jup Lee, the new concept will demonstrate another interpretation of the new design theme.

The Russian Doll style does not work on a Hyundai-like brand. With so many different Hyundais sold all over the world, it’s not possible to create one vision for them all.

Lee compared with chess the approach the company chose,

You have a king, a queen, a bishop, a knight, they are all different, but together they become a team. This is our strategy. I call it Hyundai’s view … ..Creating the concept car, we translate our design to the next level. This will make people think of Hyundai. We are known for good, practical cars and excellent ratio of price and quality. To make the next step, we need to strengthen the brand’s quality by adding emotional value.

The Korean company studied Italian cars of the 1960s and 1970s while having created the new design theme – ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, which is already used on the new Kona, Nexo and Santa Fe models.

‘Sensuous Sportiness’ has also been applied to the technologies and architectures of Hyundai. The Le Fil Rouge concept showed absolutely different proportions for future Hyundais, as well as various ways of developing cabins with no leather and skillfully integrated technologies.

A new production car will be launched in 2019. It will be the next-generation Hyundai Sonata, strongly influenced by the Le Fil Rouge.

Source: Autocar

Photo: Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept