Hyundai has published images of a new hydrogen crossover

Hyundai FCEV
Although the name of a new Hyundai crossover with hydrogen fuel cells is still unknown, the automaker has published a series of rendered images of the novelty.

The hydrogen SUV will be completely unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is traditionally held in February. Along with the images, the Korean automaker also announced the debut of a new stand-alone technology that will be used on the crossover.

The Hyundai FCEV, as it is conventionally called by journalists, has been tested in Germany. The test prototype is hidden under the camouflage. Now we can say that the hydrogen crossover looks like a big Hyundai Kona.

It is expected that it will be much cheaper than the Hyundai ix35 FCEV, which costs about 56,000 euros and for the entire 2017 found in Europe only fifty customers.

Hyundai FCEV

The new crossover debuts on the market with a fourth-generation fuel cell that Hyundai engineers recently developed.

It is 20% lighter than the ix35 FCEV. The engine develops more than 160 horsepowers, and the autonomy reserve is said to exceed 600 kilometers per charge of fuel cells.

For reference: the so-called “hydrogen vehicles”, in their essence, are electric cars, that is, the traction node in them is an electric motor. Its battery is recharged by energy derived from hydrogen fuel cells. The exhaust of such a powertrain is ordinary water.

At the moment, only four models on hydrogen fuel cells are mass-produced: the already mentioned Hyundai ix35 FCEV, Toyota Mirai, Honda Clarity, as well as the Renault Kangoo FCEV van.

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